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Internships in South Africa are not that common. Most companies do not understand the concept of an internship; so approaching a company to find good work experience can be tricky. We have established relationships with various companies in South Africa and upon request can find the right internship for you.

A stay overseas is definitely not inexpensive, so in order for you to get the greatest value out of your internship we understand the need for you to be motivated at work.
Our priority is to place you in an internship, which offers you a positive and enjoyable experience, while satisfying the requirements of the host company and your university if required.
Internship Packages
We offer three different packages and a special Cape Town introduction add on! Check it out…

Standard placement

Internship placement + Cape Life services

450 EURO
450 EURO
Business package

Internship placement + Cape Life services

Two week Business English course

940 EURO
940 EURO
Adventure package

Internship placement + Cape Life services

20 Day Overland Safari

1235 EURO
1295 EURO
Why do an internship in Cape Town?
Doing an internship in Cape Town offers you a unique opportunity that no other educational programme can offer.

-If you are from a non-English speaking background, you will have the opportunity to speak English on a daily basis.

-You will get practical experience in your area of interest/studies. Hands-on experience is essential to the development of your skills. You will have the opportunity to put into practice all that you have learnt.

-You will get a reference from the company at the end of your internship. Employers all over the world now demand the highest quality employees. Most employers will certainly prefer an applicant that has international experience. Getting a reference from a South African company will give you just that!

-Discover yourself! Know what you are really interested in. Learn about a unique culture and take the first step towards your independence.

-South Africa is a fascinating country full of cultural diversity and wild landscapes. Explore beautiful Cape Town and Meet people from all over the world.
Who can apply for an internship?
  • Students of all subjects can apply for internships. You should be in or have completed your 2nd year of study at University.
  • All other applicants should have at least one-year work experience in the field you want to apply for an internship.
  • Minimum age of 20.
  • You should have:
- Good English skills.
- A valid passport.
- Overseas Insurance.
How can you apply?

To begin the application process please contcat us via email or our online contact form.

Once we have received your enquiry, we will contact you with a detailed questionnaire.

Please send us the completed questionnaire that you receive, along with the following:

  • Detailed Curriculum Vitae with photo. Click here for an example.
  • A short letter of motivation. Click here for an example.
  • Cape Life Booking form.

We will provide you with templates for a “CV” and “Letter of Motivation”, which you can use for layout and orientation. Our native speakers will look through your documents and will correct misspellings, but we won’t work on a new layout, so make sure that looks good!

A correct and well designed application is very important! First impressions count, it could be the difference between a host company reading through your application or throwing it in the bin. So take time and make some effort for your application documents.

After we have received all of the above information we will come back to you within seven days. In some cases we will contact you for a telephonic interview.

Within a four-week period we will contact you with an available internship.

The decision will be yours whether you choose to accept the internship or not.


Cape Life offers a range of accommodation in Cape Town. It depends on your requirements. We can arrange a student house, backpacker, guesthouse and on request a stay with a host family. Click here to view our apartment and houses.

Internship fees

Should you be interested in accepting an internship offered by Cape Life, a fee of 450 Euro will be charged. This is a set fee and remains the same irrespective of the length your internship.

Once you have agreed to an internship offered by Cape Life in written form, Cape Life will draft the internship contract between you and your host company. The placement fee of 400 Euro will be payable within 12 days and proof of payment should be faxed to us.

On receipt of your payment, your internship agreement between yourselves and the host company will be validated.

Should you decide to cancel your signed internship an administrative fee will be charged. Please read our terms and conditions.

*Up until the point where you sign a contract for your desired internship, our services remain free.
What extras do you get for your money?
  • Necessary, important and relevant information about Cape Town. i.e. Transport, weather, money, security.
  • Important telephone numbers (Cape Life, police, emergency numbers)
  • Important addresses (Embassy, tourist information, restaurant and bars)
  • A "Things to do" list (Table mountain, Robben Island.)
  • Information about car dealerships, rentals and private buys.
  • We offer a range of accommodation in and around Cape Town.
  • Discounted Tours and Travel Services
  • Discounted Language School courses
  • A personal contact in Cape Town
  • Meetings and activities with other Cape Life students
Once you have arrived in Cape Town you will receive a welcome package. This includes: additional information, a small map of Cape Town and a cell phone SIM card. (A prepaid cell phone card to access the South African mobile network)

We will provide you with a free airport pickup to one of our listed accommodations.

We will accompany you on your first day of internship to introduce you to your host company. During your stay we are available to answer any questions that you may have and help whenever necessary.
Latest Intership Offers
We post internship offers online. You should definitely look through the available internships, maybe you will find your desired placement!
Click here to view the available internship list.

Work Certificates

At the end of your internship your host company will provide you with a work certificate, which is very important for your Resume.
Please remind the host company at least one week before you leave, so they have enough time to write and hand it to you
Past students

At the end of your internship we will send you a questionnaire about your time in Cape Town, your internship and Cape Life services.
Click here to read about the latest statements of our past students!

Unpaid work experience
Almost all internships are unpaid. Companies are not allowed to pay you a salary unless you have a valid work visa. Occasionally a company may offer you a bit for life costs- but this is more often the exception to the norm.

Period of internship
Most internships are between three to six months. It is possible to get a placement for a shorter period of time.

Time of application
You can apply for an internship anytime during the year, but you should plan your stay in Cape Town at least three to four months in advance.

Visa requirements
There are various kinds of visas available. To get the relevant information, please contact the South African embassy in your home country. You are responsible for organizing your own visa. Contact us directly with any visa questions. Contact Us

Office hours
In general most companies have an eight-hour working day. Between 8.30am- 5pm. Working hours and holiday time must be arranged with your host company.

What are the chances of getting my desired internship?
It depends on the type of internship you desire as well as the length and your personal qualifications. Ultimately it is the decision of the South African company whether to offer the internship or not, but we have a large database of companies we cooperate with.